Welcome to Cucina in Masseria

Although the Masseria has its own history, we won’t narrate it. We prefer to let your imagination invent stories and characters that animate it, hoping that they will keep you company during your stay and long after”

Masseria Serra dell’ Isola has been built by my ancestors as an olive oil mill in the 17th century. More than the owner, I consider myself the heiress and the guardian of a tradition and of a place where time and the frenetic rhythm of the metropolis are far away and unknown.

Here in Puglia in little villages and in the countryside, far from mass tourism, our people welcome visitors as precious gifts.

At Masseria Serra dell’Isola, centuries have passed, preserving its history and culture, as well as the authentic lifestyle of those days, when the wayfarer was welcomed as a sacred guest, and left as a friend.

At Masseria Serra dell’Isola, you will find only people who are happy to be part of a community where you will always be welcome.

Arrive as Guests, Leave as Friends