6 Days Vegetarian

Il cibo pitagorico ovvero erbaceo ad uso de’ nobili e de’ letterati

A weekly vegetarian cookery adventure that will transport  you in the far past, menu with the old original dishes of Vincenzo Corrado, the Apulian  Chef of the Kings of Naples, who was the first Chef who promote the Pitagoric food, that is the healthy vegetarian food.

Day 1


Check in: from the 16 pm.

Time to relax or to go around till dinner at 8 p.m.

During aperitifs and dinner you will jump into the Borboni period through the original Apulia culinary history, that is the Borboni cooking history.

The region was once a province of the Kingdom of the Two Sicily’s, and the recipes here are very similar to the ones of the Reign of the Borboni.

Tonight’s dinner features dishes such as the one of my great grandmother, Donna Ritella d’Erario Recchia, Baronessa diTolve, prepared for her guests. The candle-light dinner will be served in old style family potteries and glasses. Home made liquors at the end.

Day 2

MANGIAFOGLIE AND MANGIAMACCHERONI: Fresh pasta and fresh legumes

In the far past people from Puglia were known for being called “mangia-foglie e mangia-maccheroni” for their tradition of eating pasta with vegetables. After breakfast you’ll walk along the narrow streets of Mola, knocking on the doors of the farmers, who display their daily products of vegetables and fruit on “seggioline,” or little chairs, outdoors in this bustling little town. You will always receive a complimentary smile when you knock on the door to ask for a kilo of chicories, or cauliflowers, artichokes or “cime di rape.” Here we’ll buy the products that we need for our cooking lesson. We will explore every one’s favorite dish, “la pasta.” You will learn to prepare fresh pasta and to cook many recipes with pasta and vegetables, pasta with legumes and much more that you will eat at the end of your cookery classes, for lunch and for dinner.  

Day 3


From Magna Grecia to Fredric the 2nd , from Angevines to Aragon, from Turkish to Borboni domination’s, Apulia is a country where different peoples, traditions and cultures produced a kaleidoscope that still remains in the architecture, landscapes, agriculture, and of course culinary traditions.

We ‘ll go to Castel Del Monte, the Castle of the Emperor Fredric the 2nd. Lunch in the deep Murgia and at the sunset we will arrive to the charming town of Trani,  where we ‘ll walk along the harbour and look at the wonderful Romanesque Cathedral along the sea. Come back to masseria and after a bit rest, Polignano a Mare, for a wine tasting and dinner in a cool osteria.

Day 4


Apulia was called the “Garden of the Reign”, because of the richness of fruit and vegetables, and it also was the most important reserve of producing durum wheat, such as the granary of Southern Italy.

And you know what “pasta and pane” still means for the Italian people.

After breakfast visit the Old Bari. We ‘ll walk in the narrow lanes of the town, visiting  the basilica of San Nicola and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Odegitria. Then we ‘ll go to the “Arco Delle Meraviglie” which legend says was built in only one night to support the love affair between two lovers. Then we ‘ll go in the narrow lane dell’Arco Basso, where women still make fresh pasta every day at every hour. There the women will demonstrate making fresh orecchiette.

Back to masseria for lunch. After lunch a bit rest and then cooking class about bakery, savory and sweet. We prepare also the famous calzone, the onion pie, for this dinner.

Day 5


An exciting day beginning to Altamura, the medieval town with a wonderful Romanesque Cathedral. Walking in the old centre till the oldest bakery. A fairy tale, about how the focaccia of a little Altamura baker stopped the giant Goliath: Mc Donald’s fast food.

From Altamura to Gravina where we will buy everything for Pancotto.

Lunch I a nice osteria in a grotto. Back to Masseria. Afternoon free.

Dinner in Masseria.


Day 6


Have you ever tried to prepare mozzarella? Please: smile!!! Today in the morning you will go and learn how it works: fresh milk and a bit of care.

And in the afternoon cooking class for bye bye dinner with Focaccia, Panzerotti, Fried vegetables and fried Ricotta, Mozzarella in Carrozza, Ricotta Cheese Cakes: Dinner as full immersion in this paradise of  fresh cheese. And last, but not least, the famous “Granata” of Vincenzo Corrado: Maccheroni alla Nobile, a gorgeous surprise.

This package is inclusive of:

6 nights B&B  double occupancy 

5 lunches and 6 dinners

All the excursions as described

Cooking classes as described

Guided visit  to farmers market  

Wine tasting

Mozzarelle and ricotta demonstration

Extra night accommodation available