Cooking School

Following the seasons, you will learn the majesty of the hidden Puglia, land of great and healthy food habits, ancient traditions and recipes that will enhance your senses

Regardless of the confidence you have with your pots and pans, our courses will intrigue you either for the genuine passion for food, for the curiosity in learning new recipes or just for the simple pleasure of cooking. In one word, an unforgettable experience!

A real hands-on approach in preparing succulent and authentic recipes made with simple flavours which are typical of the Mediterranean cuisine that will capture and fascinate you with recipes kept in precious cookbooks written by the ladies of my family, who perceived the influence of the southern Kingdom of Naples and Two Sicilies until the late 1800’s.

Puglia is the region where extra virgin olive oil was and still is the sublime masterpiece of all our meals, and where wine was and is the elixir of life.

During your cookery course you will explore the gorgeous heritage of Puglia wines.

Cooking with us you will experience how generous is the fruit of the majestic forests of our secular olive groves.

You will also enjoy learning the Italian dining etiquette and mise en place, a fun and exciting lesson on how to make your table and your meal look exquisite!